Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tohoku Trip #2: Revisiting Minamisanriku

東北トリップ#2: 南三陸町を再び訪問

April 20th 420

Yesterday, Gene and I headed out to Fukushima to meet with our friends, Tadaura-san, Eiko-san, and Yoshi, to take a second trip up to Tohoku!!!

This is Gene and I with Eiko-san (the beautiful face behind the mask).

Our fearless leaders gathering information about surrounding evacuation sites.

We decided to go to Minamisanriku to revisit the friends that we had made when we sang at the Bayside Arena and Shizukawa primary school on our last trip. We were surprised how many people remembered us.

We met a lot of kids that we didn't get to meet last time.

This woman had a green jacket that she asked me to sign. She said that she was getting the signatures of people who helped and inspired her during this time, as a keepsake. I was honored to be one of her signatures!

Here we are at the Bayside Arena. This time, we sang outside, and quite a few people stood out in the near-zero-degree weather to hear us sing. Someone requested, "We Are The World" and Gene and I gave it our best shot.


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