Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kansoubun #1

One woman in an evacuation center that we visited in Kesennuma was interested in talking to us after the show. Horii-san talked to her and related to me what she said.
She said, initially she was so relieved and happy to be alive, after escaping the tsunami. But after a little while of living in the evacuation center, and wearing cast-off clothes and being grateful for whatever amenities she was given, she started thinking, "Wow, I had much-nicer clothes back home. I had so much stuff!" And she started to realize that she really did have a lot of things--what she now knows was too much--and she could've been helping others and sharing it with others. She used to live in a house where everyone had their own television, because they "needed" to watch different TV shows. But now, she realizes that she didn't really need what she had thought she needed.
She said, "I think this disaster was God's way of giving Japan a reset."

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