Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tohoku Trip #4: Bringing Music to Fukushima, Day 2 and 3

東北トリップ#4 福島県に音楽を運ぶ  第二日と三日

Highlights: ハイライト:

Meeting the Head of the Nasukashi Youth Center (which has been an evacuation center for some time now).

The people that we met at Nasukashi were some of the most friendly I've ever met in my life. They hung around after we were done to talk and get our autographs.

We were able to sing a lot of the songs that they requested (we were lucky that they requested songs that we knew!!)

This is the head manager of the Sukagawa Arena. A real funny, likeable guy. He spent a long time after we finished our show trying to figure out how to make animal balloons like us. And he managed in the end!!!

At the Sukagawa Arena, all the children were out because it was a school day. But when we made a balloon for the one child who was in, everyone else came to hang out and see what other balloons we could make. So we ended up making a lot of balloons for everyone!

Singing for a lively crowd at the Sukagawa Arena.

(It says, "For all the sadness that exists, let us go on to make that many smiles.") Written on a banner with messages of support at one of the evacuation centers that we visited.


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