Friday, June 24, 2011

FUNBARE HIGASHI NIHON (June 20th to 23rd)

By Megumi Kitano

"Funbare” is the way the the people in Tohoku say “Gambare.” And Fumbaro Higashi Nihon is the name of this project started by “Sakana no Miura” and his associates. (see earlier post for more details)

「ふんばれ」とは、東北地域では「がんばれ」という意味で使われています。そして「ふんばろう東日本」とは、「魚の三浦さん」と彼の仲間が始めたプロジェクトの名前です。 (さらに詳しい事は前のポストを参照してください。)

It was amazing to see how what started as a personal initiative has grown and spread all over the country and even abroad, as all throughout the day, small boxes, bigger boxes, a whole bunch of boxes and even truckloads would arrive from concerned individuals and companies around the world—from people all wanting to do something to help support the recovery of this area.


This trip, we had received 160 boxes of aid via Mr. & Mrs. Shimonaka (who are based out of Tamba City southern Japan) and their network of associates. Thank you so much for providing this. We were able to rent a truck to take up everything, as well as 10 volunteers all from Saitama and Chiba Prefectures—Noda, Shirai, Tateyama and Matsubushi.

Here are pics of the donated tent that we all camped out in.



We helped to divide and sort the content of the boxes, so that it could easily be taken per family and took it to evacuation centers and temporary housing units.

Everyone from this evacuation center said they would be moving to a nearby housing unit the following day. There will continue to be needs once they move though, such as laundry soap, hangers, umbrellas (going into rain season) food seasoning, cutlery, dishware, and other basic housing necessities.



This is still the background view of many of the temporary housing units. A large part of the rubble has been cleared, but due to the scale of it, there's also lots that hasn't been touched yet, so it remains.


This trip Kato Aiki and Isamu Tanaka also drove up from Tateyama to help build a roof, as the makeshift tarp was beginning to need some improvement.


The local fisherman started bringing their fish to Mr. Miura, and the simple beginnings of rebuilding his fish outlet has begun.

Cutting, gutting, cleaning, filleting and packaging the fish for customers that love it.



Lots of thanks to the many many people who were involved in so many ways to make this work possible. Every little bit makes a difference.

Special thanks to those who drove long hours tirelessly to get to Tohoku and back, as well as those who lent the use of their vehicles, man power, skill, and also those who gave financial support for the gasoline and tolls or to buy things that are most urgently needed.




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